Sunday, September 13, 2009

So for the 9/10/09 From Our Blog to Yours Challenge on Sweet Shoppe Designs, I have to blog about my favorite sport or team. So without further ado...

My favorite sport is FOOTBALL! When I was a kid, I hated that my dad had football on all the time. But my family is from Nebraska and in the mid-west, football is LIFE! Literally. So even though in high school, I never paid attention to football, in fact our high school football team was so bad we in the band used to joke that we had no idea WHAT they were playing on the field, by the time I graduated college I was a full-fledged football junkie.

During my college years, it was all about the NFL for me. Even though I didn't like football as a kid, I still picked the Dallas Cowboys to be my favorite team. I remember distinctally thinking that I needed to cheer for a Texas team. The light blue and red of the Houston Oilers turned me off, even though we live less than an hour from Houston, so I decided to route for the Cowboys. They remain my favorite NFL team to this day and I follow the NFC division much more than the AFC.

Now, in my 30's, I favor college football. My favorite team, of course, is the Nebraska Cornhuskers and I follow Big 12 football religiously. I am disappointed in the performance of the Huskers in the last several years. But we will persevere! I favor college football now because of the drive and passion behind it. They play with much more life and energy than the NFL does. I just love it!

Go Huskers!! Go Cowboys!! Woohoo!!

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